Product Features

Enterprise Integration

CEIPAL's custom "Integration Studio" incorporates an Enterprise application integration framework which is composed of a collection of technologies and services. This forms a middleware to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise. Framework enables application integration seamless with a self-explanatory and easy to use UI.

  • Integrates with industry leading HCM system including SAP, Peoplesoft, Quickbooks, Flatfiles etc.
  • Simple and easy to understand GUI.
  • 100% secured data transactions using the best encryption techniques.
  • High performance NoSql cloud architecture capable of handling a high volume of data. Extremely scalable tool.

Custom Business Rules

PDE includes a simple & easy to understand Rule engine It's purpose is to build custom business rules connecting employee Paydays, Expenses, Leaves, Advance payments, miscellaneous payments together while generating pay data. PDE can create multiple business rules that can be applied to different types of employments in the organization. PDE's Flexible rule engine design architecture allows separate business rules to be applied employee/consultant based on the client's payment terms.

  • Flexible to have multiple business rules can be created and maintained per consultant/client/project.
  • Easy to understand Business Logic creation pages without having the need to have extensive financial & accounting knowledge.
  • PDE is intelligent enough to recalculate the pay data if any Business Rule is modiIied in middle of the pay cycle.

Any time anywhere access

PDE can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Its intuitive design enables users to access the application from any device. Its SaaS based deployment provides users access from anywhere.

  • Run your payroll from anywhere from any system with a single click of a button.
  • Flexibility to review from any device and revert any payroll before submitting from any device.
  • Users have flexibility to check their pay check from their devices.


PDE assists management to make better decisions with it's predictive analytics based on industry proven financial statistical analysis reports with its built in intelligence capabilities. PDE provides reports with current revenue again forecasting revenues.

  • Forcast revenue at project, Consultant, Client, levels.
  • Comprehensive suite of reports with multi faceted filter options.
  • Flexible slicing and dicing of data while generating the reports.
  • Export to Excel, CSV, PDF, File types.