Partner Testimonials

Michael Blake

March 02, 2014

Skeptical when the team approached us with the solution. Impressed with the Prototype, Trusted their passion and commitment. Great tool in the making.

Barb Byrum

March 15, 2014

We have two mergers planned in the next one year. All three organizations have different financial systems to manage employee payroll. It would be laborious and time-consuming task to integrate these three systems or to deploy single system for all the employees due to operational, audit & Timing issues. CEIPAL's solution approach with Paydataextractor is a great idea. Simply plug in all three systems to the tool and have one business rule applicable for the three merged companies is a perfect fit to our challenges. Anxiously looking forward for the final end product to be deployed. All the best, team.

Mike Rowe

March 27, 2014

Simple and powerful approach to solve the payroll chaos in our company. Great solution approach folks. Delivery on time is promised.

Shanyal Jenkins

March 29, 2014

Prototype was built in a week. Great concept, easy to use and flexible to integrate. I'm confidant that this will be delivered with the full suite of promised features. More than happy to recommend.

Will Smith

March 31, 2014

When it comes to running the payroll, its always challenging for us. We either hire an accounting expert or hire a third party financial firm. Neither of them is inexpensive. Very impressed with custom business rules configuration in PaydataExtractor. You don't need to be an expert to run this system. All the best team.

Janell Rena

April 5, 2014

Very interesting approach. Partnering with prospective clients, building the system that suits the customer needs without billing and providing the service on a subscription model after customer approves the product. A mutual win-win situation. Interesting tool too.